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CIO Magazine | Decide on Tools for Your Wiki

"Vendors like BrainKeeper direct companies in creating a wiki that will encourage knowledge sharing, and many corporations find their guidance valuable." (read story)

Processor Magazine | Collaborative Technologies

BrainKeeper is highlighted by Forrester as a "notable example of collaborative technologies that will soon make their way into the SME marketplace" (read story) | BrainKeeper Releases Enhanced Wiki Capabilities

"BrainKeeper had been a favorite of mine based them focusing on the needs of their corporate clients...capturing important information, reducing email overload, creating a central knowledge base and information delivery. In my opinion, no other enterprise wide solution comes close." (read story)

CNet Networks - Webware | Business Wikis line up at Under the Radar

"[BrainKeeper] supports a very un-wiki-like hierarchy of information: you can attach subpages to pages, as opposed to just linking everything like crazy. It's a nice bone for uptight corporate information dictators. Also to their liking: Brainkeeper has an approval workflow..." (read story)

The Miami Herald | Small Business Special: Gotta-Have Gadgets

"Think of it as a personal Wikipedia for your business. BrainKeeper...can help organize the vast amount of knowledge and documents it takes to run your business. [BrainKeeper] is especially useful for retaining employee knowledge and experience" (read story)

The Mark Harvey Collaborate Blog | BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki Review

"For those of you who have previously used a wiki for project work, you will find navigating around BrainKeeper a breeze. For those of you about to hop on the wiki train, you will find BrainKeeper a great place to start. It’s an easy ride with a clean layout and intuitive controls." (read story)

The Workplace Blog | More Avenue A | Razorfish wiki talk

Avenue A | Razorfish recommends commercial enterprise 2.0 software like Brainkeeper to their own clients (read story)

Wisconsin Technology Network | The Enterprise Wiki

"A six-person team of software developers and consultants in Northern Virginia are among the innovators bringing Web 2.0 to the corporation." (read story)