BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

10 Reasons to Buy BrainKeeper

1. Ease of Use
Our interface is so easy to use that you won't need any training to get started. Every feature we build is carefully designed and developed so that our system helps you work more efficiently.
2. Versatility
The knowledge that is captured within BrainKeeper can be used for a wide variety of projects and initiatives. Every question, every answer, every idea, and every bit of information adds to a comprehensive knowledgebase that can be used for intranets, task teams, project coordination, and more.
3. High Value
BrainKeeper saves time and money by solving many of the communication problems that face your business:
  • Retain the knowledge of employees that leave your company
  • Coordinate contractors or offshore workers
  • Only answer questions once- and keep answers accurate and relevant
  • No more wasted time looking for information- it's all in BrainKeeper
4. Easy to Adopt
Adoption is a key aspect of introducing new software into a company, so BrainKeeper works within your current business processes. You don't have to stop using existing methods, but we are confident that once you start using the system, people will want to change the way they collaborate.
5. Best of Breed
BrainKeeper offers a comprehensive feature set that gives you everything you need to create rich knowledge stores for everyone in your company. We only develop features that provide clear value, and we firmly believe that our system is better than any other enterprise wiki tool on the market.
6. Do More With Less
Improve the scalability of the people in your company by:
  • Leveraging knowledge of past projects to improve future ones
  • Being able to create and maintain large documents through contributions from all employees
  • Establishing standard formats for information to streamline the entry and retrieval of critical company knowledge
7. Targeted, Controlled Distribution of Knowledge
Cut down on your email clutter and increase the relevancy of the email that you receive. Through our information distribution methods, such as RSS, you are only notified of what you care about.
8. Value-Based Pricing
You don't have to sign any contracts, you pay based on the number of user accounts you have, and everyone has access to the core features included with the professional subscription. We have a very competitive monthly price, and you can cancel at any time.
9. A Secure, Hosted Service
BrainKeeper gives you the best kind of software solution: a secure system that you don't have to install or maintain, with a low monthly cost. Leave all of the security, hardware, software, integrations, and configurations to us.
10. Experienced, Professional, Dedicated Staff
We believe that passionate, knowledgeable employees offer the best way to deliver a quality product. We have worked with information delivery products for most of our careers, so we have the expertise to provide valuable features that fit within your company.