BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Security You Can Trust

We use numerous layers of security measures to keep your information out of the wrong hands. We understand how important it is to keep information safe, so we spent a great deal of time developing our security package. To ensure your data is protected, every security measure is executed on every page in our system.

Security Measures

Physical Security (1)
Our servers are located in a secure data center which requires several means of proof of identity to gain entry to the building. There are additional security checkpoints to pass before anyone can touch or access our hardware. This ensures no one can get close to the computers where your data is stored.

Software Security (2)
Within the data center and installed on every server we have, are software programs designed to protect the systems and data housed inside. Among these measures of protection are firewalls, lockout mechanisms, antivirus protection, system health alerts, and intruder detection. Also, all software security patches are installed and configured within hours of their release.

Application Security (3)
With every single click in BrainKeeper, you are authenticated to ensure that you have permission to view the information you are requesting. This layer of security is built into the underlying BrainKeeper architecture so that permissions are always taken into account. We also expire inactive user accounts regularly for added protection.

Information Transfer Security (4)
SSL is enabled for all free trials and paid subscriptions. Using this technology, all requests are transferred over an SSL connection, which is the same technology your online banking software uses to protect your information. With SSL, you are assured that your critical information (such as login and other confidential data) will never be compromised.

Complete Security

Security You Can Count On

Our security measures, policies and processes are audited regularly to make sure that your information stays safe. There is nothing more important than making you feel secure about your data. With BrainKeeper, we do eveything we can so that you don't have to worry about anything.