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BrainKeeper Partners

We have forged relationships with several technology and strategic partners, all working toward the goal of providing a more valuable collaboration and knowledge management solution for your organization.

The Information Resources Management College at the National Defense University has developed a reputation for working with cutting-edge technologies and providing an example of how these technologies can benefit governments all over the United States.

BrainKeeper has partnered with the IRMC to explore the benefits of wikis to help people work better on government initiatives. The most successful aspect of this partnership has been the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds. The consortium uses BrainKeeper to collaborate more effectively and deliver better results, faster.

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The BrainKeeper Connection Platform

BrainKeeper offers a capability to resell, repackage, and rebrand our enterprise wiki application. The Connection Platform allows your company to deliver an enterprise class collaboration system that is completely branded to your organization, and your accounts are yours to manage.

You can also use the Connection Platform as a means to deliver information into your client's BrainKeeper Wiki. This is perfect for consultants, project workers, or any other knowledgebase that you want to offer to your clients. Learn more about our Affiliate Partner Program by contacting us at

BrainKeeper Referral Program

Earn money for referring business to BrainKeeper by joining the BrainKeeper Referral Program. This program gives you referral bonuses for all leads that result in subscriptions- for two full years! Learn more about our Referral Program by contacting us at