BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Technical Overview

We pride ourselves on providing the most innovative, intuitive features available on the internet. To accomplish this, we utilize some of the most cutting edge technologies- and where these technologies did not meet our exceedingly high standards, we developed our own solutions.

Core Technologies

Security: We use several layers of security measures to keep your information out of the wrong hands. We understand how important it is to keep information protected, so we spent a great deal of time developing our security package. For full details, visit our full security overview.

Search: We have built proprietary components around an industry standard search engine- one of the fastest and most robust engines we could find. Our improvements have tailored search results to be so accurate and relevant that we believe our search engine to be the best on the market, without exception.

User Interface Features: Our development team has decades of experience creating interfaces for information retrieval. New technologies have allowed us to create features never before seen on the internet. We believe that these features will help you use our system more quickly and efficiently. You will be amazed how seamless and easy it is to work with features like adding files, editing pages, and dragging and dropping pages within a hierarchy.

Application Engine: For security reasons, we don't expressly identify our application engine, but it is a very robust, industry standard technology that many corporations use to build online enterprise systems.

Internal Processes: As you might expect, we use the BrainKeeper system to keep track of all our internal processes and best practices. One of the reasons we started BrainKeeper was because there was no easy way to keep track of this information in a way where we could ensure it was always up to date and delivered to everyone who needed to know about it. Because of this, BrainKeeper is an essential technology for us.

Social Networking Features: The technologies behind wikis, RSS, and BLOGs are central to the value of BrainKeeper. Systems that utilize these concepts are becoming widely adopted as their value becomes more and more evident in the corporate world. To see how BrainKeeper integrates with these technologies, please view our product demos.