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Why use BrainKeeper for your Extranet?

An extranet is a great way to securely share information with the people who help your business run, such as partners, clients, and contractors. With BrainKeeper, you can easily extend your private intranet to facilitate collaboration with all of the critical resources outside of your organization.

You don't need to buy any additional extranet software- you have everything you need with any existing subscription.

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Collaborate better with BrainKeeper

BrainKeeper is the leading enterprise wiki for organizations that need to share information across the boundaries of their company. BrainKeeper provides:

Essential tools for your Extranet software

Blogs can be used to give quick status updates, notifications, and perspective on active projects. By getting everyone involved, you keep things on track and you get to capture the knowledge from others that you would normally lose.

Forums help you make fully informed decisions. Instead of making decisions internally that are simply passed along, get people engaged in the beginning so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. At the end of the conversation, you will have decisions that you can act on immediately.

Secure knowledge sharing

Since BrainKeeper is hosted, anything you add to your extranet will be immediately available to the people you have allowed to see it. In addition, you eliminate the security risks that can exist with email and shared files.

Knowledge sharing example: In a workspace for your extranet you can store updated files, status reports, and changes to aspects of your business that affect your partners. No more finding the right people to email, no more revisions to painfully generated documents, no more confusion. The information your extranet needs is available whenever they need it.

Don't let knowledge leave with your partners

At the end of special projects with partners or contractors, valuable knowledge can be lost if it is not captured. Continue to leverage the information you have gotten from your extranet by keeping everything in BrainKeeper.

Simple, powerful permissions

Group-based permissions make it easy to control exactly who has access to which workspaces. Simply create a workspace to share in your extranet, assign the right group to have access, and BrainKeeper takes care of the rest.

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